Thrive Program

Thrive Program

from 205.00

This is a 4 week program focused on helping you reach your ultimate health and fitness goals from the inside out! 

This is NOT like other programs you've probably come across. 

This program is about addressing your digestion, your immune function, your mood and hormone regulations as well as your habits and mindset around your health, body image and relationship with food. 

Tania Bentin and Hayley Lennon are accredited nutritionists who have a holistic client-centered approach. They see clients constantly getting caught up in thrashing themselves at the gym, buying into intense diets and just not getting the results they want in the long run. They believe focusing on improving the biological function of your body and getting to the root of what it needs will lead you to achieve a body that is thriving! 

You won't reach your ultimate goal after four weeks, that's not the objective. The mission of the program is to give you the tools and motivation to resort internal balance and correct function of your body's systems. They'll educate you on what really works and set you up with long term habits which will help you reach your goals. 

What you get:

  • Tania and Hayley have teamed up with Tracey and Lee from Elements Mind Body Studio so you have the ultimate sanctuary to provide your body with the movement it needs. You'll receive a 4 week open access membership to the gym. This is a no-contact membership which allows you access to all the timetabled classes Elements has to offer. The program will set out a specific set of classes that will complement your restorative journey each week. If you are already an Elements member that's awesome! This portion of the investment is deducted from your total. You will still be urged to follow the recommended classes as part of the program.
  • Once you've enrolled you'll gain access to an exclusive Facebook group which is where most of the action will happen! Hayley and Tania understand that we're all busy and to really make this work they needed to make the program as accessible to as many people as possible! There are no face-to-face appointments you need to try to get to, it's all done online for you to access 24/7. In the group you'll receive your weekly meal plan and recipes, Facebook lives to answer your questions, do food demos, motivate you and share all of their favourite tips and 'life hacks'. This is where they'll share all the important information you need to work through the program and feel supported the whole way through. Expect to see posts and new info daily!
  • Additional support through 'Practitioner Only' supplementation: Hayley and Tania are very passionate about using whole foods as a form of treatment for their clients and while that goes a long way, they also acknowledge that sometimes a little extra support from specific nutrients can really help them get to where they need to be sooner and with less struggle. Hayley and Tania have selected a specific combination of nutrients and probiotics from the BioCeuticals range to support and aid in the restoration of the program participants. Each person will be screened prior to starting to make sure they are suitable for each supplement and there are no interactions with medications etc. If for some reason you are not then they will select something different for you instead.

Your investment:

Current Elements Mind Body Studio members: $205 / Non Members: $285

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