Weight imbalance is a SIDE EFFECT!

I don't usually like to talk about losing weight but I'm going to.

There's already enough pressure on us all to look a certain way and be a certain shape and fit into a certain size we don't need people like myself to fat or skinny shame you too. It's all rubbish and I hate it.

Personally, it's taken me a long time to love my body and really not care how it looks or what anyone else could be thinking about how it looks. I've been overweight and underweight and been unhappy and felt horrible in both cases. 

The thing is, and we all know this, weight imbalances are almost always a side effect of something else, or a number of other things that are going on physically and/or emotionally. It could be a thyroid, estrogen, heavy metal or adrenal issue, maybe you've given birth or you've had a nasty virus. It could be that you're really stressed at work or home, had some emotional trauma, coping with depression and/or anxiety or a negative deep seeded relationship with food. All these things and more can cause you to lose or gain weight unintentionally. 

So what if you worked on reaching a healthy weight with all that in mind? What if you worked to correct the CAUSE/S not the side effect. Dieting and smashing it out in the gym aren't necessarily going to do you much good if you don't address your emotional eating problems or PCOS or your low thyroid or your gut imbalance or whatever is it. 

So my message really is, listen to your body! What else is going on other than the muffin top that's crept in over the last 12 months? Is your cycle out of whack? Or your digestion? What's stressing you out and how is that effecting your body? Are you really tired all the time? Why? How's your skin looking and feeling? What kinds of cravings are you having? Check in with yourself, friends.

So now, let's look at those OTHER side effects/messages your body is telling you and let's see what's going on! You deserve to feel amazing, I want you feeling well and totally pumped about life and the body you're in. If you think there's something underlying come and see me, I want to help you. It's as simple as calling the wonderful reception staff at Sturt Family Health and making a time. 


Hayley xoxo

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