My New Obsession | They've been helping people since the 1800s

Drum roll please....TISSUE SALTS! 

 What are they?

Tissue Salts are 12 vital micro-minerals which support natural healing processes in the body by regulating (macro)mineral levels in the cells. These micro-minerals are needed daily to support cellular metabolism and to ensure the nutrients which we ingest through food are evenly and appropriately distributed. Poor soil quality and over processing means our foods don't always contain the levels of good stuff it should. With that, the amount of stress a lot of us have in our lives means we use up our nutrient and micro-mineral stores a lot quicker than we should, therefore we do often need extra support. Tissue Salts offer just that! 

I started using tissue salts about 6 months ago and was suprised at the results I was getting. They have helped my family significantly through winter colds and flus, they have helped me with the occasional tension headache and PMS, they have helped my partner with muscle recovery after big gym sessions and more. I was genuinely shocked because I hadn't really understood how they worked so I didn't give them much value, because they continued to impress me I thought I'd better find out more!

A few weeks ago I attended an advanced training session in the Schuessler Tissue Salts down in Melbourne. Well now I understand it all I get what all the fuss is about! They're bloody awesome! I've started recommending them to my clients who have also been seeing fantastic results. 

I recommend you give them a go, they're safe for children, pregnant women, pets and they don't interact with any medications and are non-addictive. They do come in a lactose base but for those of you are lactose intolerant or vegan there are sprays which have you covered. 

Please know I haven't been paid or sponsored to write all this, it all comes from a place of passion and genuine love for the products. They're available to by from Go Vita Ballarat and of course if you want some guidance in choosing the right one for you feel free to hit reply to this email or book in a private consultation. Consultation details are found HERE

Hayley xoxo