Sugar 101

The topic of sugar is fairy huge.

Let's just take a small bite and I'll break a few of the 'good' sugars.

I classify a good sugar by the fact that is has nutrients attached to it and/or how it affects blood sugar levels.

These are a few good sugar options I like to use and why:

Raw honey: Honey is all natural! It's packed with vitamins, minerals and live enzymes. It's anti-viral/bacterial/fungal plus pre and probiotic! Once you heat it all the benefits start to diminish so it's best used drizzled over dishes or in raw desserts. 

Maple syrup: Maple is a fairly unrefined sugar (by unrefined I mean, it hasn't been through many processed to get from it's natural origin to the bottle you buy it in). It's also rich in selected essential nutrients such as zinc, calcium and magnesium. I love cooking with this sweetener. 

Rice malt syrup: Rice malt syrup does go through a few more processes then I like BUT it's fructose free which is why I allow it on my 'good' list. Lots of people has intolerances and allergies to fructose these days so it's a good one to cook with when catering for people you not know.

Rapadura: Rapadura is the most unrefined version of white sugar. It's loaded with nutrients and has a rich caramel flavour. I love swapping white or brown sugar for rapardura in all recipes that require granulated sugar.

These are just a few, there are loads more good options. Do your research before you use them to make sure they suit your needs and health goals.

Hayley xoxo