Food stop of the week - Chaplin's

My family and I went on a little day trip over the Trentham today.

It's a lovely little place full of interesting shops and things to do. 

I had heard good things about a quirky place called Chaplin's so we thought we'd check that out for lunch...

What a firecracker little place! Chaplin's was established by former Charlie Chaplin impersonator Mel Thomas. After he hung up her hat she settled in Trentham and eventually started up the cafe. The décor is interesting, in a good way, and the atmosphere was buzzing! 

However, all that aside, the most important thing about any cafe is the food, isn't it? 

Well, high five to Mel and her electric team! The food was amazing! The service was impeccable. 

The menu had variety, was fresh and delicious! They use local produce from across the region and had plenty of gluten and dairy free options too. All the food and cakes are made on site as well.

For those with kids, fear not. They are super kid friendly. They could make a mini version of anything on the menu and had a colouring in book and pencils to out table stat! 

On top of all that, they're very reasonably priced. We'll definitely be back.

Have you been to Chaplin's? We loved the corn fritters. What did you have?


Hayley xoxo

P.s Trentham Falls is also a must see. Very beautiful and fun to explore! 

Food stop of the week - Alley Cat Cafe

I had been driving past Alley Cat Cafe for a while since it moved to its new location on the corner of Albert st and Rubicon st Sebastopol thinking I really want to check that place out! 

Today I finally had the chance to stop and I'm so glad I did. On one side you have the cafe, full of vintage cat wares, it's super funky. On the other side you have the cats! 

My son and I sat down to our Mexican spud (so yum!) while owner, Tania, told us how she and daughter Chloe make all the food from scratch with love, plus everything is locally sourced. 

She went on to tell me how they have 7 gorgeous felines living next door. People or groups can go in and just be with the cats. It's like cat therapy! Tania and fellow cat lover Sheryl have decked the place our beautifully, it's like a cat wonderland! 

You can visit the cat Wednesday - Sunday 10am-12pm + 2pm-4pm. Adults $5, Kids, students and oldies $2 or bring a donation of food, kitty litter etc that's always appreciated too.  

The cafe is open Wednesday - Sunday 10-4pm

You can follow Alley Cat Cafe on Facebook.

Hayley xoxo