Food Fact - Potatoes!

The poor potato cops a pretty bad wrap.

"Don't eat potatoes, they're too starchy."
"Don't eat potatoes, they'll make you fat."

That's rubbish. Well, they are starchy but when did starch become a bad thing too?

Our friend, the potato, is packed with vitamins and minerals, especially when eaten raw. Yes you can eat it raw! In its raw state, the sugars remain simple and easy to digest. When they're cooked the structure changes, that's when they become starchy.

Potato is great for soothing stomach ulcers and digestive inflammation. It's will also rejuvenate your skin from the inside out, perfect for clearing blemished skin and eczema.

Use potatoes in your juices, slice them thinly as a snack or spirilize them into 'noodles'! 

Do you already use potatoes raw? How do you use them? Comment below, I'd love to know.

Hayley xoxo