Cooking with native Aniseed Myrtle

I made 'black heart' all natural gummies last night in hope's that I be able to replicate Black Cat lollies. I totally succeeded!

I used a new and interesting ingredient from Ballarat's own Saltbush Kitchen which you'll find at M.A.D.E museum. They have an amazing range of native bush spices, spice blends and syrups that will bring your kitchen alive!

The Saltbush Kitchen ingredient I used today is called aniseed myrtle. It’s quite rare in the wild, native to a few areas of North East New South Wales and has traditionally used for weight loss, lactation and stomach complaints. The sweet licorice flavour carries beautifully into the gelatin making a delicious and healthy Black Cat alternative! 

You can find the recipe HERE. Who's a fan?

Hayley xoxo