What's your ultimate birthday feast?!

It's my partner's birthday today. Obviously it was up to me to make it amazing, in the food department anyway. 

This is what he chose...

Breakfast was Tomato, avo & kimchi on some amazing rye sourdough with a 'vanilla' smoothie - banana, water, RAW protein powder, vanilla, coconut milk, 3 dates. So good! 

Lunch would have been something amazing made by me BUT I wasn't my usual organised self so it was something amazing made by Sarah Kittelty. I bought him a vego mint & pea frittata with salad, a little gluten free almond blueberry cake thing and a takeaway dirty chai (a Grounded Pleasures chai latte with a shot of coffee!). I dropped that into him at work. Yeah, the poor guy had to work on his birthday. He gave it all a 10/10 of course, Kittelty never let's you down.

For dinner we're off to Chat for Tea, one of Ballarat's best vego/vegan restaurants! They never fail to please either. I love love love their rice paper rolls!

I wasn't completely slack, my son and I did make him a huge batch of gluten free choc mud muffins (recipe in my Snacks That Nourish eBook). They'll be the gift that keeps on giving over the next week or so. 

What foods do you request on your birthday? I'd love to know!

Hayley xoxo