Meet my amazing friend...

I have many amazing friends doing pretty amazing things but just for a minute let me tell you about my mate Leandra Brady Walker aka The Cosmopolitan Hippie.

She's what I would call a bright spark!

She'll walk into a room and light it up, she's fun, excitable, inspiring and totally down to earth. She's a business woman and also an awesome mum to two little babes. She's a chiropractor come author come foodie come women with influence! 

These are all the reasons why I love her. 

She's also created the most amazing weekend that's coming up in just 1 month. I don't even know where to start with how awesome this weekend is going to be. If you are a woman you need to check it out >> HERE, it will be a weekend of a lifetime I promise you!

Also she's just put out the most amazing healthy jelly slice recipe - yes it's possible! Check that out HERE!