Introducing CleanseDay Wednesday!

As you know I love my juices and smoothies, you also know I LOVE a good juice cleanse. To celebrate and totally embrace this love I'm going to be doing one 24hr juice cleanse every week - on Wednesdays. That sounds like a lot but my body is use to it and all my cleanses are calorically and nutrient dense so I'm covered! 

I believe cleansing is great for lots of reasons:
-It allows healing of the gut
-It brings clarity and mindfulness to your relationship with food
-It can help gently eliminate built up toxic c#%p in your intestines and colon
-It can help boost metabolism
-It can help boost energy levels
-It can stimulate the immune system
-It can help stimulate the function of certain organs like the kidneys and liver which aid detoxification of the body
-It can can reduce inflammation
-It can boost over all cellular metabolism and regeneration

To put it simply, all these things are possible because when you do a cleanse you take a huge amount of your body's energy off digestion and allow that energy to be used in other areas of the body. Juice, especially cold pressed, is really high in vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and living enzymes and because juice is absorbed so easily, requiring almost no digestion these nutrients are a lot more accessible. 

This is how you get involved.....

1. Sign up to receive a FREE weekly juice and smoothie recipe. These will be quick and easy recipes you can do at home and have along with your daily food. I'll send them out on Mondays (starting tomorrow) so you can have everything organised for Wednesday. You'll make your juice or smoothie and enjoy one along with me. Even adding in just one nutrient packed drink a day can make a difference to how you feel. I'm adding in the smoothie recipe too because not everyone has a juicer, so if you can't juice, do a smoothie instead! 

2. You can book in to do a 4 Seasons Juice cleanse along with me and have us do all the juicing for you. You can find out more info on the 4 Seasons website We're in the process of setting up our brand new kitchen, it's almost done, so we'll be kicking off again in a about two weeks but you can book now. Email me at to book a cleanse.

Ok, are you with me?