I've been moving house. I hate moving house!

It's been almost exactly one month since my post. 
I haven't fallen off the planet!
I haven't forgotten about you!
I have been moving house. Nuf said right.

Omg moving is soooo painful!
Thankfully 99% of everything is done and I'm starting to feel like myself again. 
I'm still here in Ballarat so I haven't really gone anywhere.

I've made a few delicious things between packing and unpacking which I'll share over the next week or so. Tonight I made a delicious chicken salad with a side of rosemary oven fries. Nothing but local spuds, salt, pepper, coconut oil and fresh rosemary from the garden. I slice mine thin like french fries, mostly because I'm impatient and want my chips NOW, so they only take 20-25mins on 180C.

I have an I Quit Sugar recipe in the oven as I type to top off a productive day -Pomegranate and rhubarb cobbler. It smells amazing! 

Now I'm back into the swing of things again I must remind you my next workshop is coming up with weekend!! Book now.

Sugar - A Friend With Benefits! 

Let's face it we're all addicted to sugar! In fact one study showed that when rats hooked on IV cocaine were introduced to sugar almost all of them switched to sugar. 

Hey, it's not all bad, sugar can be our friend too. In fact, the right types of sugars are healthful and have many benefits!

I go into detail about the sugar addiction cycle, how to get out of it and how to still enjoy sweet treats without falling back into the cravings nightmare.  

What's on the menu??? 

Chocolate mylk!
Raw snickers!

All quick, easy, delicious AND nutritious treats that will satisfy anyone's sweet tooth.

This Saturday 16th April 4.30pm

Duration: 2 hour includes workshop, food demonstration and tasting

Location: 4 Seasons Juice Bars, 323 Sturt St Ballarat

*This workshop is also gluten and dairy free

Tickets are $30, bookings essential

Hayley xoxo