Beating viruses naturally

I've had one of those weeks where it feels like it's been soooo long! It's been good and bad.

Good because I've been doing lots of creating in the kitchen and bad because my sweet babe had to deal with a nasty viral bug. 

Virus's are tricky because there isn't much you can do for them except just try to make yourself comfortable and they're fairly unpleasant as they tend to hit you really hard. On Thursday evening (why do things like this always start in the middle of the night!?) my son, Rex came down with a wild fever which had him reaching for the 'sick bowl' too many times to count. He hardly ever gets sick, it takes a big bug to knock him and this was a big bug! 

I'm a big believer in letting the body fix itself. In the case of a fever we almost never treat it directly. The fever is just one of the body's ways of killing off the invader - be it bacterial or viral. There are situations were intervention is needed of course, extremely high temps can be dangerous but I think a lot of people are often too quick to react when they're little one has a temperature come on. In some cases an infection can be prolonged if fever relief like Panadol is used too much or when not really needed because they body can't do 'its thing' properly. 

So while you're little one is suffering what can you do? Here are some suggestions...

  • Keep them hydrated: sipping water or coconut water will help replace lost fluids and balance electrolytes. Freeze some into ice cubes or icy poles for crunching or sucking on. Keeping hydrated is really important!
  • Load up on immune boosters: raw honey, garlic, probiotic foods and drinks and foods high in vitamins C, A, E like citrus, berries, parsley, eggs and seeds. 
  • Use cool compresses, showers and skin to skin contact with mum or dad to help regulate body temp.
  • Eat easy to digest food like soups, slow cooked meats, fruit and well cooked veg. The body is working hard to fight the infection, you don't want to burden it with digesting a huge meal as well. 

Thankfully the nasty virus that hit Rex went as quick as it came. 36hr hours later it was gone and he was completely back to himself. There were a few times his temp spiked fairly high and I was concerned but we got through it.

Sick kids (and husbands) are the worse. Now is the perfect time to start eating lots of extra immune building foods like I mentioned above in preparation for the 'sniffle season'.

Hayley xoxo