Survive Christmas

Whether we like it or not, Christmas is coming. 

I love Christmas. To me it's a really magical time of year, full of celebration and giving. 

It can be, at times, a bit stressful. Stressful on the wallet, on time, on meeting friends and families expectations and with all the Christmas indulgences, it can be stressful on our body too.

Here are a few tips I use to get through the silly season feeling well and less stressed:

- Practice saying no. Being about to say no to unhealthy nibble food in the workplace, at functions and Christmas parties will get you a long way. If you don't want to say no altogether, scout out what's on offer to find your healthiest option and pick up one or two bit of that food. 

Don't over commit yourself. November and December are usually really busy months. You'll get invited to lots of things plus have all your regular-life commitments to uphold. It's okay to decline sometimes. Physical and mental self-care is extra important around this time of year. You don't want to get to boxing day feeling run down. Scheduled yourself a few days of doing nothing during the madness to recuperate.

Be a good example! If you're hosting Christmas choose a fresh, healthy spread. Choose foods you can prepare ahead of time so you can relax on Christmas day too. I have another post coming up soon with fuss-free feast ideas, stay tuned for that. Also don't be that person who gives their friends a box of Favourites for Christmas. To me that says "Here, fill your body with rubbish and then feel rubbish". If you like giving treats check out my 'Food as Gifts' workshop coming up on the 12th of December.

Is this the year you'll start doing things differently and get the most out of the season? I hope so!

Hayley xoxo