My Real Life Reset Program

Click this video to meet me and gain an overview of the program. It's a long video but stick with me haha

Program outline

Week 1 (Tuesday 29th Aug)

Initial Consultations, private, one on one - 45 mins 

Week 2

Group session 1 - Topic: Time management - gain the tools to look at your week and see time, see where you can implement some meal prep, break down your week and allocate time for new priorities.

Week 3

Review, private, one on one - 15 mins

Group session 2 - Topic: Gut Health 101 and getting your head around fermented foods.

Week 4

Review, private, one on one - 15 mins

Group session 3 - Topic: Fitness, with guest Jason Grant Russell.

Week 5

Review, via email this week - 15 mins

Group session 4 - Topic: This week we'll look at your mindset towards food, identifying and dealing with triggers and implementing coping strategies.

Week 6

Review, private, one on one - 15 mins

Group session 5 - Topic: Learn all about gluten and grain free cooking and also convert old recipes into new healthful ones.

Week 7

Review, private, one on one - 15 mins

Group session 6 - Topic: Carbs, Fats, Protein: their role in the body. We'll also go into reading product labels and avoiding being tricked by marketing.

Week 8

Review, private, one on one - 15 mins

Group session 7 - Topic: Other ways to support your weight loss journey... Breathing, reducing toxic overload and aromatherapy with guest Tania Bentin.

Week 9

Review, private, one on one - 15 mins

Group session 8 - Topic: Eating out and making the best choices

Week 10

Review, private, one on one - 15 mins

Group session 9 - Topic: Setting yourself up for life!!

If for any reason you can't make it to your appointment that week we will have your review over the phone at a time that suits us both during that week. If for any reason you can't make it to a group session, the session will be recorded and you can watch the session at home.


What you get for your money:

  • Your initial consultation
  • All your review consultations
  • Your own Thrive Journal to track your journey
  • Exclusive access to a private support Facebook group
  • Your supplements, valued at $230. I recommend BioCeuticals supplements, you'll receive a range of probiotics, a gut restore supplement, and two other supplements to support the detoxification pathways in the body and energy production. If for any reason the one's I have chosen do not suit your individual needs I will find suitable replacements at no extra cost. None of the supplements will be needed long term but if there is anything you'd like to continue taking beyond what I provide it will be at your cost. All clients receive a lifetime lower than RRP discount on supplements.
  • Your own portfolio for you to fill with your group session notes, recipes and useful information you gather along the way
  • A free special gift from me - a gorgeous aromatherapy diffuser and three of my favourite therapeutic essential oils to support your transitions

What you pay:

  • Your enrolment fee $310, inc your group session, your supplements, your access to the Facebook group, your Thrive Journal
  • Your initial consultation fee $100
  • 9 x weekly direct debit payments of $20, this covers your weekly one on one sessions with me

You're required to pay the $410 up front before the 28th August to secure your spot and then 9 x weekly direct debit payments will commence starting 5th Sept. Your card details will be securely stored with Stripe - a well trusted online payment system used by over 100,000 businesses world wide. Your details will be wiped from the system once your payments have concluded. 

Cancellations: If for any reason you need to cancel your participation in the program your payments will be cancelled and 50% of the remaining amounts owed will be charged. Once the program has started no other refunds will be offered. 

Important Dates

Your initial consultation goes for 45 minutes and weekly one on one reviews go for 15 minutes. Times for those appointments can be made on Tuesdays between 10am-1.30pm and 6pm-8pm. All consultations are held at the Ballarat Myotherapy Clinic 423 Ascot st Sth

Group sessions - 45 mins:

  1. Sat 9th Sept 3.30pm
  2. Sat 16th Sept 3.30pm
  3. Sat 23rd Sept 3.30pm
  4. Sat 30th Sept 3.30pm
  5. Sat 7th Oct 3.30pm
  6. Sat 14th Oct 3.30pm
  7. Sat 21st Oct 3.30pm
  8. Sat 28th Oct 3.30pm
  9. Sat 4th Nov 3.30pm
  10. Sat 11th Nov 3.30pm

All group sessions are held at the Eastwood Leisure Centre.

If you're interested in the program I'd love to hear from you. You can pop your details into the form below and I'll give you a call so I can a little more about you and to make sure you're a right fit for the program. You can also give me a call on 0419 030 279.

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