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FREE Gut Health Assessment + Digestive Massage


Let me help you get your digesting health back on track!

Book a FREE gut health assessment and express digestive massage.

Your session includes a brief look into your digestive health and a 15min digestive massage treatment to bring blood flow and renewed virgo to the function of your gut. The full session will go for 30mins.

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Digestive massage has a vast range of health benefits including:

  • Modulating gut motility - this means it helps to balance conditions like constipation and loose stools
  • Reduces bloating 
  • Increased blood flow to the digestive organs to function more efficiently as well as the liver (to aid fat metabolism and detoxification), kidneys (to aid fluid retention and detoxification) and reproductive organs (to aid menstrual issues and promote fertility)
  • Reduces muscle tension in the abdominal muscles and ligaments 

My style includes Swedish stroke work with influences of chi nei tsang - an eastern abdominal massage technique. This treatment can be done on it's own or in conjunction with nutrition consultations although extra time does need to be allocated.

In your digestive massage a small amount of oil is applied to your abdominal area. I use a range of my own handcrafted essential oil blends which assist your specific gut related issues.