Q. Why is these cleanses different from all the others out there?

These cleanses are the perfect combination of a juice cleanse and a probiotic booster. A lot of cleanses out there have are actually juice fasts - you drink juice for X amount of days with no food. Those types of cleanses have their benefits too but in terms of promoting an improvement in gut health, they won’t give lasting results. In fact if you go too long without feeding the bacteria you already have in your gut you run the risk of causing more damage, you’d end up starving them as they feed off broken down sugar compounds found in starchy foods and juice alone just won’t cut it for them.

These cleanses have a strong focus on supporting and reseeding gut bacteria. A well supported and thriving gut means a healthy immune system, healthy serotonin (a happy hormones) production and better absorption and breakdown of nutrients. When all those things happen efficiently it equals more energy, better cognitive function, efficient weight management and an overall healthier body!

Q. Who created the cleanses?

The cleanses have been carefully created by Ballarat nutritionist Hayley Lennon. Hayley has a passion for digestive health and the microbiota. The cleanses have been calculated to meet a safe levels of nutrient and caloric intake and have been thoroughly trialled.

Q. What should I do before a cleanse?

In the lead up to your cleanse it’s beneficial to cut back on a few specific things to help your body transition into the cleanse and reduce the side effects you many experience.
-Reduce and eliminate processed foods
-Reduces hard to digest foods like tough meats (steaks, chops, sausages) and gluten (anything made with wheat, spelt, barley or rye)
-Reduce dairy
-Reduce and eliminate caffeine, nicotine and alcohol
-Stress less. It’s easier said than done but just try.
-Clean out the fridge and pantry, throw out the crap - it’s not good for anyone in the family.
-Introduce more plant foods like vegetables, nuts and seeds
-Drink 1-2L of water per day
-Eat mindfully. Prepare meals with thought, chew your food properly and listen to your body. Don’t eat on the run.
-Adopt a 5-10 minute deep breathing practice morning and night. Deep breathing stimulates the nerve between the gut and the brain. It’s important for switching on the relaxation response so we can digest food more efficiently. Trust me on this one - it’s important!

Q. What should I do after a cleanse?

-Continue eating probiotic foods and drinks! Beneficial bacteria is just vitamin C or magnesium or any like any other micronutrient we consume, you need to have some everyday to maintain healthy levels in the body. If you didn’t like the taste just keep at it, your taste will adapt and adjust with time.
-Keep avoiding processed foods and drinks- anything made on a production line!
-Eat more slow cooked foods and loads of veg!
-Limit coffee to 2 per day and drink good fresh coffee.
-Limit alcohol to 3 per week and avoid premixed drinks.
-Continue the breathing exercise - super important!
-Continue to eat mindfully, respect your body and what you put into it.
-Get moving. Whether it’s walking, swimming, dancing, whatever - do some type of whole body vigorous movement 4-5 times a week.

Q. How will I feel during the cleanse?

-It’s normal to feel hungry at times. You will also feel empty which is different and it’s interesting to notice the two individually. Feeling empty feels nice especially if you usually suffer from bloatedness and/or constipation.

-You may feel snappy and grumpy, especially on the second day. Be prepared for it and take extra care with your interactions with others and your internal dialogue with yourself, try to stay positive a remember it’s just a side effect and you’ll feel better tomorrow.. This is a side effect of detoxification and the dying off of overgrown ‘bad’ bacteria in the gut.

-Some people feel nauseous and/or get a headache on the first and second day. If you’re a smoker, have more than 2 coffees per day or have a strong sugar addiction you may feel physically ill as you withdraw from those things. This can also happen if you’re particularly ‘toxic’ for whatever reason as your liver and kidneys work harder to eliminate wastes from the body.

-Your poo might change in frequency, consistency, smell and colour! It’s just the body working itself out. Natural pigments from the cold pressed juices are sometimes not digested properly especially if you have poor digestion, so you might end up with red, green, orange or rainbow poo. The strong red pigments in beetroot can also affect urine too.

-If you’ve never had probiotic foods and drinks like kombucha and sauerkraut before you may feel some churning in the guts after. That’s normal, you’re flooding it with beneficial bacteria and it’s just working things out.

-You may feel a little tried at times. If you do lots of exercise everyday you may need to adjust your program to suit your energy levels. Please also download the recommended exercise flyer written by our allied fitness coach Brett Pemberton.

Q. Will I lose weight?

Yes, it’s likely you’ll lose a few kilos. The weight lost usually isn’t fat, it’s toxins and built up gunk from your digestive tract and the majority is likely to be excess fluid and ‘digestive bulk’. Digestive bulk is the digested and undigested food you have in moving through your gastrointestinal tract, throughout the cleanse you will be poo out waste from before you started your cleanse and then you’ll be putting a lot less into your body so the overall weight of your digestive bulk will reduce. Your weight will return close to normal a few days post cleanse.

Q. What are the benefits to doing a cleanse?

Our bodies are genious and complex machines that are capable of many amazing things. We often burden our bodies with less than ideal foods, stress, insufficient movement and toxins from our environment yet we still can function, not always well, but function nonetheless. When we do a cleanses we’re working to reduce aspects of those burdens and support healing within the body. Eating food take up a lot of energy so when we reduce it and add in highly nutritious foods plus beneficial bacteria the body can divert its energy to other functions like repair and cellular renewal.

When healing is given the right environment to happen in you may notice benefits such as:
-Feeling less heaviness and fluid around the tummy, hips and thighs
-Reduces bloating, constipation, diarrhea and other IBS related symptoms
-Reduced sugar cravings
-Clearer brighter skin
-More energy
-A more mindful approach to food and your eating habits
-Improved mood
-More motivated to do exercise
-More motivated to make positive changes in your life in general

Both the Detox + Energise cleanse and the Immunity + Inflammation cleanse offer separate more specific benefits. The ingredients in the juices and the amplifiers in each cleanse offer focused care in each respective category.

Q. What about all that sugar?

On first inspection it may seem like there is a lot of fruit and therefor sugar/carbohydrates in the cleanses but each fruit, veg or food serves a very important purpose. Each food or drink offers a myriad of vital nutrients, enzymes and/or beneficial bacteria which all play very important roles in each cleanse.

All the cleanses are designed to meet specific caloric requirements and without fruit in the juices you'd need to drink an impossible amount of juice plus you'd be missing out on so many amazing nutrients that only fruit has to offer. The sugars in both fruits, veg and plain steamed white rice are easily absorbed, digested and used by the body. You’re also having something every 2hrs to avoid major drops in blood sugar levels.

Q. Why cold pressed juice?

A true juice is made in a juicer not a blender. Juice has had the fibre removed leaving just water and nutrients whereas blending leaves the fibre in. One is not better than the other it all depends on what your purpose is.

Juices are really easy to digest and easily absorbed so those nutrients can take affect right away. Juices are great for people with chronic illness, digestive problems or anyone who wants a direct nutrient boost.

Blending leaves the fibre in with the nutrients. Smoothies fill you up more and sustain energy for longer. They are easier to digest than wholefoods but take more effort than juices.

Cold pressed juice is the king of juice. A cold pressed juicer crushes the fruit and veg literally squeezing out the good stuff, the juice is dark, rich in flavour and has hardly any froth or pulp. A centrifugal juicers are your typical ‘juice fountain’ juices that you can just toss whole fruits into. They use a fast blade to shred the produce and then separates the water and nutrients from the fibre. The heat and friction from the blade usually destroys some of the nutrients and they struggle with leafy greens, they still offer juice with benefits but a cold pressed juice is far superior. Cold pressed juice will start to regrade after 72hrs whereas a centrifugal juice will start to degrade after 15 minutes.

Q. What are Tissue Salts?

Tissue Salts are (also known as biochemic or cell salts) are potentised micro-doses of the 12 essential minerals your body needs to repair and maintain itself. They're minierals that are used for various functions in the body every day and we use them up a lot quicker if we're stressed, sick, exercising a lot, lacking sleep etc.

The Schuessler Tissue Salts used in Happy GUT Cleasnes contain all 12 essentail minerals in a lactose base. You simply chew them and the minerals are absorbed in the mouth. The amount of lactose you're consuming is very minimal so even people with a small to moderate lactose intolerance can manage with them fine. If you have a significant intolerance or allergy to lactose just leave them out.

Q. What are Amplifiers?

The Amplifiers in each cleanse vary decemding on the goal of the cleanse. In the Detox + Energise cleanse the amplifier is spirulina - an algae with potent detoxifying effects. In the Imnunity + Inflammation cleanse the Amplifier is Turmeric and black pepper. The turmeric is well known for its amazing anti-inflammitory effects and the black pepper helps the turmeric absorb.

Q. What is Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is bacisally finely ground fossil shells. It essentially goes through the GI track giving everything a good old clean out, clearing out built up 'gunk. It's also really effective at treating parasites. Ideally a 3 month daily dose would be ideal for those with acute or chronic complaint. You can pick up DE from your local health food store, it's also safe for children and pets!

Q. Talk to me first if you want to do a cleanse but…

-You have been diagnosed with carbohydrate malabsorption and/or are following a low FODMAPS diet
-You have been diagnosed with a histamine methylation issue.
Just shoot me an email - hayleylennon@gmail.com

Q. Why is my banana green?

Green bananas contain less sugar and are much higher on the prebiotic scale than fully ripe banane, we always aim to give green ones out in the cleanses. Sometimes green ones aren't always available so you'll get a yellow one but it's ok, yellow bananas are still awesome.

Q. Who shouldn’t do a cleanse?

While cleansing is safe for most people, here are a few situations where doing a cleanse is not advised unless you have your doctor’s approval.
-If you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
-If you are under 18 years old
-If you have uncontrolled or insulin dependant diabetes
-If you have cancer
-If you have significant degenerative diseases like kidney or liver disease, heart disease, MS, HIV or other serious ongoing health conditions like epilepsy, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s etc


Recommended Exercises - by Brett Pemberton

Most people eating a health wholefoods diet would average around 1800-2800 calories per day depending on gender and activity level. On any day of your cleanse your caloric intake will be between 1180-1240 calories which is significantly lower than ‘average’ but if you’ve read the above Q + A you’ll understand why. It’s all about taking the bodies energy out of digestion and focusing it on other areas. 1180-1240 calories is a safe number calories for someone to have for a short period of time and at the end of the day your body is more than a calculator. Calories in don’t equal calories out.

If you love exercising that’s awesome but you may need to adjust your usual program or activity during your cleanse so you don’t over do it. Here are some recommended exercises and activities that are safe to do when you’re in a calorie deficit from trusted Ballarat fitness coach Brett Pemberton.

“A major mistake people make when exercising in a calorie deficit is avoid any type of resistance training ie lifting weights or bodyweight training. In fact doing too much cardio training will put your body under more stress leading to overtraining, burnout, general fatigue and metabolic slowdown.” Brett says.


♦ 30 minute walk in the morning before your first juice.

♦ 10 minute metabolic circuit. You’ll need a moderate weight kettlebell or set of dumbbells.
Exercised may include:
→dumbbell or kettlebell squats
→dumbbell or kettlebell overhead press
→dumbbell or kettlebell reverse lunges
→dumbbell or kettlebell chest press
Do each exercise for 45 secs with a 15 second rest between exercises.

♦ 10 minute of core training circuit. You’ll need a moderate weight kettlebell and a swiss ball.
→Exercises may include:
→Kettlebell windmill
→Swiss ball knee tuck
→Kettlebell one arm row
→Plank up
Do each exercise for 45 secs with a 15 second rest between exercises.

♦ Any other low-moderate exertion exercise like cycling, swimming or dancing for a maximum of 25-30minutes.

Activities to avoid…

♦ Heavy lifting overhead
♦ Any intense cardio exercise exceeding 30 minutes

Additional Important Information


While practices like juice cleansing is not a new concept and has been used successfully for centuries, I, Hayley Lennon do not claim to diagnose, treat or cure illness or disease. Neither do I guarantee nor seek to promote weight loss benefits. The goal is to introduce a holistic and clinical change in diet and lifestyle for a happier, healthier body.

Individuals with serious illness should seek advice and recommendations from myself and/or their healthcare provider/s before undergoing a cleanse or using any associated products. The effects of prescription medications may change during or after cleansing.

During a cleanse you will probably feel great, but some experience lows, both physically and mentally. If you become unusually overwhelmed - physically or emotionally - seek the aid of your healthcare provider immediately. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not attempt a cleanse.

Allergy Advice

Although extreme care is taken when handling all products + produce and the cleanses are made in a registered kitchen where hygiene practices are paramount, cross-contamination with certain allergens can happen. Tools and utensils in the kitchen which the cleanses are prepared do also come into contact with nuts, seeds, dairy, gluten, eggs and soy products.

Raw Advice

All cold pressed juices in the cleanses remain unpasteurized and carry a short use-by date to preserve all their goodness. Although hygiene standards are of highest importance, any unpasteurized product - whether bought or from your own home - may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly, and persons with weakened immune systems.

If you have additional questions please feel free to email me - hayleylennon@gmail.com