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I'm Hayley Lennon, an accredited nutritionist, self-taught cook and whole foods trainer. I am currently taking a break from consultations while I study Biomedical Science full time at Federation Uni over 2018/2019. You'll still find me around Ballarat running regular workshops on various topics from gluten free baking to fermentation!

Areas I am passionate about that flow through into my workshops are:

  • Weight Management
  • Gut & Microbiome Health
  • Womens Health, especially 50+
  • Immune system recovery
  • Family Nutrition

I aim to educate, enrich and empower my workshop attendees using traditional wisdom crafted to suit our modern day pressures, creating a dynamic and innovative learning experience. 



While I take a sabbatical from consulting I'm referring all my clients to my colleague, Tania Bentin.

Tania and I share similar passions when it comes to health and in life in general! We also have a similar approach when it comes to how we conduct our consultations and the ongoing care we give. Please take the time to visit Tania's website >> www.quintessentialnutrition.com.au and to make an appointment please call her clinic, PostureWorks on (03) 5333 4639.

If you are a current or previous client of mine seek ongoing care please don't hesitate to call or email me! We can arrange for Tania to take over your care with a thorough handover so you're not having to start from scratch someone new. I can share (with your permission) our previous treatment plans with Tania so she is completely up to speed with where you're at.